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We Provide a variety of services to our Industry Sponsors, CRO's, and Investigator Sites

NASH Investigator
Site Identification

Summit connects Industry Partners with qualified and experienced research investigators to conduct Phase I-IV NASH clinical trials.



Single point access to a large network
of NASH research sites.

Study Initiation

Efficient and quick support for Sponsors, CROs and Sites with the start up process of NASH clinical trials for enrollment period maximization


Start Up

Rapid start up from CDA feasibility to CTA-Budget and Regulatory

Hitting the
Enrollment Target

Our network is able to engage a smaller set of Investigator Sites to achieve the enrollment goal. Our sites are able to quickly recruit and enroll qualified participants with high precision.

Site & Participant


Focused emphasis on motivating sites for top performance and tailored educational materials to encourage participant retention.

Sponsors can lose anywhere from $600,000 to $8 million a day in potential revenue caused by delays in drug development programs. This can be detrimental to a Sponsor’s revenue and profit margins.


Potential revenue lost

There are hundreds of clinical trials sites in the United States, and while many of these sites are very successful and produce high quality data. Many more sites suffer long and painful fates of failure after trying to participate in clinical trials, only to find that they do not have the right process, patients or people to effectively navigate clinical trial enrollment. This is especially true to those in the NASH clinical research space. It is estimated that nearly 20% of all sites participating in NASH clinical trials will not enroll a single patient, and even more will enroll less than 5 patients. Ultimately, our approach to site selection and motivation results in shorter enrollment timelines with fewer sites, thereby reducing the monthly financial burden experienced by pharmaceutical sponsors during study enrollment. This is achieved without reducing data quality, and while increasing Investigator site satisfaction and positive collegiate interactions.

Nearly a third of the time dedicated to clinical trials is spent on patient recruitment and enrollment. Faster recruitment could mean faster approval for new treatments.

Of sites fail to enroll a single patient

Of trials fail to enroll enough patients on timeline

The average dropout rate for clinical trials

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