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Network Site Services

Summit provides a multi-pronged approach to assist sites as they develop into pillars of the NASH clinical research community. If you are interested in learning more about our sites, please contact us.

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Services provided to our network of sites

Sites within our network share a responsibility toward a common goal: Becoming the pinnacle of performance for NASH clinical studies. Summit provides the following services in support of that goal:

  • Site collaboration and membership opportunities
  • Competitive Budgets
  • Support during activation process
  • Access to NASH experts
  • Access to quality NASH studies
  • Be a leader in resources for other network sites
  • Staff Education, Training, and Support
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Opportunities for data publication

Summit Site Specialties and Board Certifications

Summit’s broad network of sites boasts a multitude of physicians with a wide spectrum of specialties.

Sites in our network have experience in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Hepatology, and Endocrinology. The below graph breaks down percentages and associated physician specialties.

Summit continues to partner with new sites, who bring different specialities to the network, with opportunities for growth within existing network sites.

Associated Physician Specialties


Internal Medicine


Infectious Disease








Transplant Hepatology




Family Medicine

Join Our Mentorship Program

Interested in mentoring other NASH clinical research sites or perhaps seeking guidance for yourself and your site? Please complete our Mentorship form to be teamed up with another of Summit's research sites.

*We do not sell any personal information

The Summit Advantage

Key Opinion

Leader Guidance

  • NASH subject matter expertise
  • Investigator, Sponsor/CRO Training
  • Sponsor & collaborator connections
  • Identify I/E barriers to enrollment



  • Top enrolling NASH trial sites
  • Expansive NASH population
  • Proven NASH recruitment strategies
  • Expedited start-up timelines



  • Site-specific pre-screening & enrollment strategies
  • Site branded recruitment materials
  • Site support and training
  • Sharing of best practices

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