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Start a career with the world’s leading Integrated Research Organization (IRO) in the field of Hepatology

At Summit, our mission is to execute comprehensive site recruitment and engagement strategy to efficiently and cost-effectively achieve the target patient enrollment goal, in the projected timelines

Our Summit team is built upon therapeutic experts in Hepatology. We strive to be on the forefront of cutting edge research by continuing to expand our education in the ever-changing landscape of treating patients with Liver Disease. We build upon each other’s assets to empower and inspire others. Summit Clinical Research is committed to company culture, employee retention, and superior therapeutic areas of focus.

Open Positions

Responsible for the operational management and oversight of Summit’s clinical investigator sites.
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Clinical Trial
System Administrator
Supervised by the Director of Quality Control as the primary resource to implement, modify, and support the CTMS’s used by Summit.
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Software Developer/
Create, design, and maintain various software modules to support Summit Clinical Research’s daily operations.
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Provides a wide range of advanced statistical and programming expertise, guidance and support
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The culture at Summit Clinical Research is nurturing and motivating. You are always working on relevant and meaningful projects. The company gives so much autonomy to be creative and strategic with your job. They do a great job at training you and giving you the tools and support you need to learn new skills and succeed in your role. Some of the best and most respected people in the industry you will ever meet work here and are by far the company's greatest asset. The leadership team is exceptional with a bold vision and with an outstanding reputation. They are brilliant and continue to make great long-term growth decisions, and strive to find new ways to shape the future of NASH clinical research. Since I started my role here, I felt very included and always encouraged to speak my mind. The company runs on trust and transparency. This provides a feeling of mutual respect for everyone in the company, regardless of position or rank. You are always surrounded by nothing but incredibly smart and driven individuals.

Mario Gutierrez CasaleSite Development Liaison

Prior to working in Research, I was a bedside nurse working in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for nearly 20 years. I love working for Summit as much as I did in the NICU. Working with Summit has exceeded my expectations. The Company, people, values, and culture are one of the best I have had the pleasure to be a part of. They offer excellent training, education, and support for all employees. A positive work environment allows for growth, learning, and creativity and they treat all employees as equals. I believe I have found my forever home here.

Natalie NeffCentral Recruitment Specialist

Working for Summit Clinical Research can best be defined by two words: growth and opportunity. I was able to grow and learn more in 6 months working with Summit Clinical Research than I have in the 7 years in working for other clinical research organizations. I was fortunate enough to get presented with an opportunity, by Summit Clinical Research, to fulfill one of my longest career goals, and with that opportunity I look forward to continuing to grow here at Summit

Jesse CoppageProject Manager

There are a multitude of reasons to work at Summit. First and foremost: the people. All companies say their team is the best. All companies say their “teamwork makes the dream work.” All companies boast a friendly work environment. Summit is not like all companies, Summit actually embodies these ideals. The Summit team, both inter- and cross departmental, is truly the best I have worked with in my career. This is due, in no small part, to the culture that our leadership nourishes. For instance, despite our busy schedules Summit leadership carves out time and funds to bolster staff professional development and interpersonal relationships. We are encouraged to learn to use our natural proficiencies to the advantage of the team. We rely on one another to be different enough to complement one another’s work styles. Thusly supported, we work together towards our common goal – propelling quality NASH research.

Rena SummersManager, Project Management
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Summit Clinical Research
300 E Sonterra Blvd.
Building 1 Suite 1220
San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 982-0340