NASH Clinical Trial Site Network

Connecting Industry Partners with Clinical Trial Sites for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Research

About Us

Why Summit

Summit brings together experienced research sites who have proven to be successful in the NASH research space.  With over 20 years of experience in conducting, managing, and sourcing clinical research, Summit Clinical Research leadership has the skill set to help sites avoid research pitfalls, strategically improve efficiencies, and most importantly hit the enrollment goals for targeted clinical trials in an expedited timeline, without compromising quality or patient safety.

Our Site Partners

We believe patients who participate in clinical trials are partners in their own healthcare. This philosophy is shared by our network of experienced NASH research sites.

Summit Leadership

Dr. Stephen Harrison is a pioneer in the field of liver research.  With over 20 year of liver research, Dr. Harrison  continues his pursuit of new treatment options and cures for liver disease through his leadship of Summit.

Our Services

NASH Investigator Site Indentification

Summit connects Industry Partners with qualified and experienced research Investigators to conduct Phase I-IV NASH clinical trials.


Streamlined Study Initiation

Summit provides support to Industry Sponsors, CROs and Investigator Sites to move through the start up process of NASH clinical trials quickly and efficiently, thereby maximizing the enrollment period for studies.

Hitting the Enrollment Target

The Summit network is able to engage a much smaller set of Investigator Sites to achieve the enrollment goal.  Sites in the Summit Network are able to recruit and enroll qualified participants in quickly and with high precision. This is achieved without reducing data quality, while increasing Investigator site satisfaction and positive collegiate interactions.  

Contact Us

If you are an Industry Sponsor seeking additional information, or an Investigator who is interested in joining the Summit Network, please contact us at:


Summit Clinical Research, LLC

12950 Toepperwein Road, Live Oak, TX 78233, US

(210) 982-0320


We are open Monday through Friday , 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.