Defining the
Future of
NASH Research

Why Summit?

Summit Clinical Research is an Integrated Research Organization which brings together experienced research sites with proven successes in the Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) research space. Our mission is to execute comprehensive site recruitment and engagement strategy to efficiently and cost-effectively achieve the target patient enrollment goal, in the projected timelines.

We believe patients who participate in clinical trials are partners in their own healthcare. This philosophy is shared by our network of experienced NASH research sites.

The Summit Advantage

Key Opinion

Leader Guidance

  • NASH subject matter expertise
  • Investigator, Sponsor/CRO Training
  • Sponsor & collaborator connections
  • Identify I/E barriers to enrollment



  • Top enrolling NASH trial sites
  • Expansive NASH population
  • Proven NASH recruitment strategies
  • Expedited start-up timelines



  • Site-specific pre-screening & enrollment strategies
  • Site branded recruitment materials
  • Site support and training
  • Sharing of best practices

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